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What is Anime? Anime is for Everyone

A Brief History of Anime To get a firm grounding from where to begin in looking at the subject of anime as a whole, to better understand why everyone could enjoy anime if they gave the right titles or genres a try, let’s first ask the question; what is anime? Anime has it’s early origins ….. .....

What is Allied Anime all About?

The Problem:

Find a way of introducing anime to other people that maximizes the chance they will continue watching and enjoying anime going forward. Why you might ask? Because:

Anime is Awesome.

Not everyone likes to watch anime.

Everyone COULD enjoy watching anime if introduced in the right way for them.

When it comes to likes and dislikes, or interests, hobbies, or things you derive enjoyment from, people tend to be quite considerably varied and set in their ways when it comes to introducing a new possibility or perhaps a new way of looking at something.

More often than not in these types of situations, you will be met with resistance and often times even anger. Which is why when it comes to changing peoples thinking or perception, it can be incredibly difficult, or even downright impossible to accomplish.

So in this line of thought, what does that mean for people who "don't like anime" even if they have never even watched a single episode of an anime show, or have any actual understanding of the medium, how can we ever get them to change the way they look at or think about anime?????

The Solution:

More often than not, the simplest solution to a problem ends up being the best way to go, and right now I am about to give you a VERY easy answer to the problem of how do we get people who believe they don't like anime to change their minds if we can't effectively or forcefully persuade them?

Simple; have them change their minds themselves! haha, easier said than done, I know I know, but truthfully this is really the only thing that works. It is necessary for them to believe it was change that came from them, not from an external or persuasive force.

O.K... So how do we do that? The same way most everything in this world is accomplished; by clearing up misunderstandings and presenting more valid information in a form or way that resonates with the particular individual.

The reason we believe anime is capable of doing this, is that over the years, anime and manga have grown to encompass just about any and every genre you could think of.

From such a massive variety in genre to an even larger presence of production companies and animation styles etc. there is no shortage of quality works such that it would be almost impossible NOT to be able to find even just a single episode that this person resonates with to the point of identifying and wanting to continue.